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Phone: (828) 264-3606

Mr. Gordon Prince - Principal

Welcome to Green Valley School! Green Valley is a small community school in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. I am committed to the growth of every child in our school. As a staff, we work to meet the needs of the whole child to ensure that every student who attends Green Valley is healthy, safe, and productive.   It is important to me as the principal that every student achieves at least a year's worth of growth for every year of instruction. If this is not occurring, we problem-solve to determine the causes. This allows us to examine the environment in which learning takes place, the curriculum, the instruction as well as the learner.  In many cases, we can address these areas in each of these domains that keep students from reaching their learning potential.

Instructionally, our staff has embraced the concept of professional learning communities (PLC). We examine school, grade, and student achievement, discipline, demographic, attendance, and working conditions data in depth to determine areas to strengthen. Grade-level teams create and administer standards-aligned formative assessments to determine the effectiveness of their instruction. These grade-level teams then use this data to determine their own professional learning needs. The PLC initiative assists our staff in delivering more precise and effective instruction at the classroom and individual student levels. We have seen great growth in student achievement over the past several years as a result of our efforts. This journey will continue for us as a staff and we look forward to growing stronger with our students.