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Our School

Mission and Vision

Pledge of Respect:

I am a smart, special and valuable person.

I respect myself and others.

My words and actions are kind and honest.

I accept only my best in all that I do.

I am proud to be ME.


Mission Statement:

"The mission of Green Valley School is to develop 21st century learners who as readers, writers, and solvers of real-life problems can adapt and flourish in a rapidly advancing technological world. Within a caring, multicultural environment, the school is committed to developing young people with positive character traits, healthy habits, and a strong sense of ethics."

Vision Statement:

"The vision of Green Valley School is to develop creative, intellectually capable young people whose specific skills are enhanced so that they may expand their learning potential. Our students will contribute wisdom, compassion, and leadership to a global society. In our educational practice the focus is rigor, authenticity, and commitment. Student self-esteem will be fostered through positive relationships in a safe, orderly, and healthy learning environment. The school will emphasize collaboration and 21st century learning to promote the value of community and the joy of life-long learning."